Rich Judd

Can't Wait To Watch Her Loving Me

Performed by Rich Judd
Written by Rich Judd and Jesse Turnbow


All instruments and vocals performed by Rich Judd



Look at what just walked in the door    

I bet her momma is just as hot                     

First impressions mean everything    

And I’m wanting what that girl’s got

All the boys sitting at the bar

Slowly turn around on their stools

I’m already walking cross the dance floor

Before they even have a chance to drool



No I ain’t gonna miss it   

I’m gonna hit it

She’s a real honeybee                                          

No I can’t wait for her to spread her wings

And start pouring sweetness all over me

Can’t wait to watch her

Can’t wait to watch her loving me


I’ve never seen such love on legs  

Imaginations running wild

No I’ve never felt this way before

She’s a certified real love child

Ready for a real soul shakedown                 

I’m ready to jump right in  

She’s in my sights ready to fire

Pull the trigger then the magic begins




Big green eyes hair down to her waist

Oh my lord there ain’t no time to waste

Tight fitting jeans

She’s looking so damn fine

I’m gonna make her forever be mine

She’s a real life fantasy

She’s where my heart and souls wants to be


(guitar solo)