Rich Judd

Somewhere Out There

Performed by Rich Judd
Written by Rich Judd and Jesse Turnbow


All instruments and vocals performed by Rich Judd

Background vocals performed by Jesse Turnbow



Maybe I’m happy

Maybe I’m not

Feel disconnected

From my train of thoughts

Need to get away

Or I’m gonna crack

There’s too much pressure

Gonna blow my stack 


My world is so crazy

Everything seems so so shady

What direction am I gonna choose 

Can’t make up my mind I’m so confused



Somewhere out there

There’s something and it’s waiting

I know there’s something better

And I want to taste it 

Somewhere out there

Is a much better life

Whatever it is is gonna be so amazing

There’s so little time and I don’t want to waste it 

This is my chance and I’m gonna take it

Somewhere out there!  yeah yeah…

Somewhere out there!  yeah yeah… oh out there somewhere


A voice inside me  

Won’t let me be

I’ve gotta kill it

Cause its killing me

Maybe I’m insane

But that’s okay

But I just can’t make it      

Through another day 


My world has gone crazy

Everything seems so so hazy

There’s only one direction I can choose

Or else I’m really gonna come unglued




(guitar solo)