Watch Richs Re-score Competition of the short Animation "SPRING" brought to you by The Cue Tube.



Watch Richs Original Score for HBO's Westworld 2020 Film Score Competition

Brought to you by Spitfire Audio.  



Watch Richs latest Film Scoring Competition Entry for the CAIFF(California Independent Film Festival 2020)

Short Film: "I'll Be Here"

Music for the competition Composed by: Rich Judd



Rich is currently Writing, Performing, Arranging and producing music for TV/Film.

Rich Judd is a aspiring Film Composer guitar player, bass player, singer/songwriter, vocalist, and other instruments as well as being a music arranger and producer based in the Los Angeles area. Rich is known as a pure rock guy with a variety of styles and has been writing and producing music in the film & TV industry for over ten years now with an exceptional list of accomplishments. Rich is extremely passionate about taking a song to the next level. 

Rich is a professional multi-instrumentalist that’s best known for creating the desired tones and parts to complement each song. His music arrangements for his clients have been a proven success and applauded with each of his sessions. With his experience as a producer, he keeps the final mix in mind with each track he records. Rich can deliver a creative edge to a wide range of instrument sounds artists are looking for.

See Rich's list of works for TV/film in the "WORKS" tab.




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